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ophelia's world in watercolour black

you'll say did they love you or what
I'll say they love what I do
the only one who really loves me is you


Refer to smirklip for future scrawlings.
accordion, american beauty, ancient cultures, ani difranco, art, arundhati roy, beading, being canadian, big cities, big wreck, black, black eyeliner, blackbeard, blank paper, blue ballpoint pen, books, buddhism, bugs, canada, candles, carl jung, celts, chakras, cherries, cherry juice fingerstains, clay, clone high, colloquialisms, costumes, courage, dashboard confessional, donnie darko, drawing, druids, ears with feet, edward teach, ee cummings, efficient public transit systems, elves, emily carr, everything, fae, family guy, film, fiona apple, geekdom, getting messy, good food, good hair, gord downie, grammar, guitar, hats, hemp, hinduism, hot fudge sundaes, ireland, j. r. r. tolkien, jack kerouac, jewel kilcher, john william waterhouse, karma, kasugai gardens, kids in the hall, knick knacks, kodama, leonard cohen, life, literature, making things, matthew arnold, merpeople, metaphor, michael crichton, monty python, mud, musicians, mysticism, neil young, oddities, paganism, paint, personal style, pi, piano, pirates, playing dress-up, poetry, pretty dresses, princess mononoke, psychological warfare, psychology, radiohead, rain, reading, red lipstick, religion, rock stardom, salvador dali, san diego, science, self expression, shakespeare, shoelaces, shoes, solitude, song, spelling, spirited away, spirtus mundi, states of being, steven king, stonehenge, subtle allusion, t. s. eliot, the forest, the hanging garden, the obscure, the ocean, the renaissance, the tragically hip, the white stripes, theatre, theatrekids, thrift stores, thunderstorms, timothy findley, tori amos, untalkative bunny, vampires, vintage snl, watercolour skies, wild theories, wings, wooden cats, writing